Watashi no Atashi no Tsukurikata Review

Watashi no Atashi no tsurikata Movie or How to Become Myself in English.  It is intersting movie to us. Based on a story by Kaori Mado, tells 2 girls with their problem, they are Juri and hanada. Juri is average people will help her parent wih anything her can do. Her parent always fight. And Hanada have unstabil personality in her life. After Juri’s parent divorced. Juri followed her moher and went to tokyo. Juri have a good friends and enjoy her life in school, but not with hanada. In this movie, Juri given cheers up to hanada. With e-mail how to enjoy life.

This movie had genre drama, duration 97 min, released on 2007 in Japan and April 2008 in South Korea . And there is movie you must watch. For add info you can link http://sweet-desire.net/2007/12/10/how-to-become-myself/


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